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Moving towards in new academic year, ORIENTAL PUBLIC SCHOOL has earned a good reputation in the field of academic together with cultural and sporting events.The school offers a variety of learning opportunities through organizing debates, music, dance, drama and sporting competitions etc.I hope the school prospectus will give a clear idea of values and facilities that will be available to the students of classes Nursery to Class-XII. I am confident that ORIENTAL PUBLIC SCHOOL will play a vital role of educational leadership in the state of Bihar in near future. Boundaries once defined by traditions and conversations must be crumbled. Modern age needs to be sustained by a highly educated, internationally competent and mobile workforce human being. Therefore, education and training today are to be aligned and geared to meet these remarkable challenges. The changes are best represented in our school through the growth of the knowledge cum skills. The institution is best suited to those who seek internationally recognized quality education. We assure uniqueness in every individual through nationally acclaimed faculty.

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar
(Vice President),OPS