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Tegharia Kishanganj Bihar

Music plays an important role in our lives. Learning music also helps in sustainable development of child’s abilities. Everyone like and appriciate music, some by listening, some by singing and others by playing various musical instruments. At our campus we organizes various musical activities where children can prepare their act and represent that act on stage. Knowledge of music is essential and should be taught to every child in school. It help them to develop their inter – personal skills and help them to become a good person. There are various advantages of musical activities at school some of them are as follows:

  • Music helps in developing reasoning and language.
  • Increase memory power.
  • Student learn to improve their work.
  • Music helps children to learn how to coordinate, team work etc.
  • It helps student to get relaxed.
  • Increase pattern recognition ability
  • Helps in tuning of auditory skills
  • It teaches descipline and also increase creative thinking.
  • Children become self-confidant.


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